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CG - Community Partners

Supporting Local Has Never Been Easier

Community Gardens is working to become your one-stop destination for all your home needs! Explore a diverse array of local businesses offering top-notch products and services tailored to enhance your living experience.

From refreshing pool services to elevate your outdoor oasis to expert landscaping solutions for a vibrant yard, Bastrop has it all. Dive into the local pool service providers who ensure crystal-clear waters and optimal pool maintenance year-round. Plus, discover landscaping experts who can transform your outdoor space into a picturesque retreat, perfectly tailored to your taste. Check here often or stop in 7 days per week, grab a coffee, tea or cocktail, and learn more about how we can help you with your next project. 


Blue Glow Agave

    Welcome to Blue Glow Agave. We are passionate about transforming outdoor spaces into breathtaking retreats that blend harmoniously with nature. With our expertise and creativity, we strive to bring your outdoor dreams to life. Explore our range of services below and embark on a journey to enhance your outdoor living experience.


    Texas Ponds & Water Features

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    Texas Ponds and Water features LLC is a pond contractor that specializes in designing and installing beautiful low-maintenance ecosystem ponds, streams, and waterfalls that look like they were created by nature over hundreds of years.  For folks that want to hear that relaxing sound of moving water without the look of a pond, we also create naturalistic pondless waterfalls and other custom disappearing fountainscapes.


    Feed the Need

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    At Feed the Need Missions, we mobilize believers to feed people physically and spiritually in their communities while actively building disciple-making relationships. 

    Our goal is to create communities of Jesus followers everywhere who noticeably impact their communities physically and spiritually.


    Ph.D. Pool Care

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    Pool Maintenance and Service has years of experience to make sure your pool is operating efficiently and has the right balance of chemicals to make your water clear and to the correct PH levels to prevent erosion of your pool. Our knowledgeable team takes the stress out of owning a pool and allows you to focus on enjoying your oasis!


    Smart Turf

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    While most artificial grass sellers today offer turf made in China, we are proud to say all Smart Turf products are manufactured in our company-owned factory in Chatsworth, Georgia. We only use the highest quality raw materials and we are completely in control of developing and producing our products from start to finish. If you want to guarantee you are buying a quality turf product, look for products that say "Made in the U.S.A." on them and are sold by reputable companies with strong ties to the industry. Check out our Smart Turf in Community Garden's Backyard by the Playscape!


    Community Gardens Realty

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    Locally focused realtor and broker serving Bastrop and Travis Counties. Whether you're looking to buy, sell or rent, we can help you find you with your real estate needs. We are familiar with the areas, neighborhoods and trends. We can provide all the information you need to make the best choices with the goals you have. 

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