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Community Gardens has been open since March 2018 and has evolved to be a great family center just outside of Bastrop City Limits. It has a restaurant & bar, coffee shop, plant nursery, greenhouse space, outdoor beer barn, stage, playscape, Real Estate, landscape supply, landscape design, a central hub for Texas Ponds & Water Features, an inflatable water park, and provides offices to a non-profit, Feed the Need.
A unique opportunity arose after years of putting in the work to build a community hub with this large dome space. We are looking for partners to expand upon our vision of becoming a place for friends and families to spend time together. What’s your dream?


Our partner in the Dome Project has had unexpected circumstances happen that has delayed the progress of this project. We are still in touch with the partner and ready to resume next steps once the issues are resolved. We appreciate the continued interest in this project and will update everyone once there is more information to share. Thanks, y'all!

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