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Nursery & Garden Center


Community Gardens is a leading nursery and garden center in Bastrop, TX.   Known for our selection of Texas Native Plants, our fully stocked nursery has a variety of organic herbs and veggies, annuals, perennials, fruit trees, tropical plants, indoor plants, succulents, and more! In addition to plants, Community Gardens also provides landscape design and installation services. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with clients to create custom designs that fit their unique styles and needs. From start to finish, Community Gardens is committed to delivering high-quality plants and exceptional service to its customers. 

texas native 1.jpg
texas native 1.jpg

Texas Natives

Planting Texas natives in Bastrop, Texas is not only a great way to support the local environment, but it also helps to support the local economy. By choosing plants that are native to the area, you are creating a natural habitat for local wildlife and helping to preserve the unique biodiversity of the region.


Additionally, supporting local businesses by purchasing plants from local nurseries and landscapers helps to strengthen the community and promote sustainable development.


By working together to create a thriving ecosystem and economy, we can make Bastrop, Texas a better place to live for both people and nature. So let's do our part in building a brighter and more sustainable future for ourselves and for generations to come.


Organic Herbs & Veggies

Organic herbs and veggies provide not only a healthier and more nutritious diet but also a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to agriculture.


By choosing organic herbs and veggies, we are supporting local farmers and promoting a cleaner and more ethical food system.


The vibrant colors, rich flavors, and diverse textures of organic herbs and veggies remind us of the beauty and abundance of nature and inspire us to make healthier choices for ourselves and the planet.

Tropical plants.jpeg

Tropicals & Indoor Plants

Tropicals and indoor plants bring the lush beauty and natural energy of the outdoors into our homes and workspaces, creating a peaceful and rejuvenating environment.

By caring for and nurturing tropical and indoor plants, we learn to appreciate the simple yet profound pleasures of nature and cultivate a deeper sense of connection to the natural world.

The vibrant colors, exotic shapes, and unique textures of tropical and indoor plants inspire creativity and imagination and help us to create a personalized and inspiring space that reflects our individual style and personality.

Annuals & Perennials

Annuals and perennials bring a burst of color and life to our gardens, parks, and public spaces, creating a sense of joy and wonder that lifts the spirit and soothes the soul.

By planting and caring for annuals and perennials, we learn about the cycles of life and the importance of nurturing and sustaining the natural world for future generations.

The diversity, resilience, and adaptability of annuals and perennials remind us of the power and beauty of nature and encourage us to embrace change, growth, and renewal in our own lives.

Trees & Bushes

Planting shrubs and trees in the beautiful Bastrop, Texas area not only enhances the natural beauty of the region but also promotes a healthier and more sustainable environment for our community.


With the professional support and guidance of our expert team, you can choose from a wide variety of shrubs and trees that are well-suited to the unique climate and soil conditions of Bastrop, ensuring optimal growth and longevity.


By investing in the planting of shrubs and trees, you are contributing to a legacy of beauty and sustainability that will benefit future generations and help to preserve the natural heritage of Bastrop for years to come.

Hard Goods

While we do not have the largest collection of hard goods, we pride ourselves on carrying quality and innovative solutions for your backyard. From our stackable planters and Smart Farm to our imported pottery from Germany, you can find unique and originative planters available that you will likely not find elsewhere. 


Additives, Soils, Mulch & Fertilzers

We carry a variety of soil amendments, fertilizers, bagged mulches, potting soils, and garden soils.  We pride ourselves in being the area's only MicroLife™ dealer. MicroLife™ is an organic fertilizer that does not cause long-term damage to the soil and helps keep plants healthy without the detriments of normal chemical fertilizers. 

Are you looking for a larger quantity of soil, mulch, or other aggregates? Our Rock Yard can help provide you with better, bulk pricing and help coordinate delivery and even installation! Click below. 

Plant Request

Plant Inquiry & Request 


We will make every effort to find the plant or tree you are looking for. Certain plants are available only parts of the year and other times, there are minimum quantities required by the growers we source from. The best times for special requests are March 1 - May 1 and September 1 - October 31. Please feel free to send us a note or stop in to learn more about how we can help you!

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